Every direction is North

Theatre Ballet Moscow
An hour-long conversation of seven young and very energetic men about loneliness and growing up has been staged by the well-known French-Belgian choreographer Karine Ponties, for whom this is not the first collaboration with Russian dancers. EVERY DIRECTION IS NORTH has grown out of improvisations that the choreographer placed into a well-calculated form, cutting away psychologisms and focusing on movement. The dancers of the “Ballet of Moscow” took Ponties’ approach close to heart: in a rhythmically and lexically diverse show there is a place for exploring their relationship, as well as for the passion which is so typical for Russian performers, however rigid the framework they are placed into. Ponties’ previous two works with “Dialogue Dance” company from Kostroma were also nominated for the Golden Mask Award.

Kristina Matvienko
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2018
Contemporary dance

Choreographer: Karine Ponties
Set designer: Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin